Monday, October 21, 2013

Mu-onna the Faceless One

Mu-onna is part of the mysterious group known as the 'Faceless Ones'. It wears a blank female mask upside down to inspire fear within its victims, assumably. You can always hear Mu-onna approaching from the rattling sound it makes from its two wooden arms. The arms seem to be connected by simple technology, but somehow Mu-onna is able to use its sickles with an extreme range of motion; being multi-jointed, its directions of attack are rather unpredictable. No one knows what Mu-onna is under its robe: some believe it is a wooden construct bound by wicked forbidden magic, others believe it is a damaged demon who replaced its lost wings for arms. Mu-onna may transverse at a slow place, but it never loses sight on its prey.

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